Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Third Chance-- WWS

Ok, I give in. I went to Hustler's tonight and am comfortable now with it growing black.

Oddly though this is one place that will have to keep a dual coloring. I cannot condone Friday and Saturday nights their, which is fine, I have the other black territories for those nights. But I will take Hustler's as my territory on Tuesday nights.

And it had nothing to do with that waitress either.

Well, almost nothing.

I did learn that waitress' name. Still not sharing here =) But my only conversation with her was at the very end of the night. I took a seat at a table and ended up dealing with another waitress.

This other waitress was sweet and attentive all night. It turned out that it was also her birthday. She took good care of me, and I took care of her in return. This is true anywhere I go. I believe in taking care of your bartender and/or waitress.

And of course, she played her part well. The faux-affection was enough to keep me in high spirits tonight. Then a rap "song" came on and I groaned. A woman at a nearby table grabbed me and pulled me on the dance floor. She was not taking no for an answer. She really had to pull me onto the dance floor.

I groaned and told her that I couldn't stand rap. She didn't much care, lol. She danced with me and I forced the fact that it was rap out of my mind and just danced. A slow rock song followed and her and I slow danced. I know I was smiling as it came to an end.

She gave me her name and I gave her my number and card. We chatted for a whhile about what we both did for a living. It was pleasant.

Then the night ended, I sought out that waitress, the one that convinced me to come out. Again I was taken aback at just how pretty she was. I thanked her for inviting me out. Told her that I had a marvelous time.

She hugged me (twice) tightly and told me to make sure to sit in her section next time. And left me with the words "see you next Tuesday."

Guess I will be back for the fourth time to Hustler's next week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paint it black

Tonight I was reflecting on how so many places Downtown are turning fully black.

The Royal Key, that I abandoned to White, and ironically was also the last place I saw the White Queen, has become pretty firmly Black Territory again. The faux-Dunkin is now firmly black as well.

Rack'Em Pool Hall is black, but I am attending less often now that the musc venue seems on the decline. There is going to be a great night of metal coming up there that I wil be attending though.

Back Streets is my new Black Square. I was there tonight and had a marvelous time. I meet the strangest (and awesomest) people. One of the people that I see at Back Streets is a taxi driver. She has given me a ride home on a few occasions now.

When I go to Hustler's for the third time tomorrow to see that pretty waitress the taxi driver told me that she will also be there. The taxi driver insists that I will enjoy tomorrow night, just as the waitress did.

Two lovely young women and no rap/hip hop at hustler's tomorrow. The cards seem to be stacked against my not enjoying myself.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Second chances

So I decided that Hustler's deserved at least a second chance. I mean, it is much more convenient for me and, well, the beer is cheaper. I decided this past Friday to give it a try.

The last time I went was a Saturday, so I was hoping that the music would be more my style on a Friday. Sadly, I was more than a little disappointed.

As I approached the building I could hear the rap/hip hop booming down the street. I groaned, realizing this was a very bad idea. I walked into the pool hall and discovered that it was lingerie night. All the bartenders and waitresses were running around in their underwear.

Woohoo, the night was looking up.

I took a seat on the bar stool in the corner, trying to remain unnoticed. Frankly, I thought the look of apparent disgust and horror on my face at the music would be a turn off to any of the women there.

The unexpected benefit of sitting at the end of the bar there was that all of the waitresses went to that end to pick up drinks all night. So all night I had women in their underwear coming over to me.

One of them was this very beautiful blonde. I won't offer any more description because she was very distinctive and I would rather protect the innocent =)

She had her hair pulled back and seemed to be-- at times-- enjoying her night. I find it really attractive when people are just having a good time and enjoying themselves. But there were times during the night that she also walked up with a frown on her face.

Finally, I had the opportunity to say something to her and, well, I am not exactly the type to turn away a chance to talk to a pretty woman. "You have such a pretty smile," I said, and she did have an amazingly gorgeous smile. "but it's not on your face nearly enough tonight."

"aaawwww! Thank you!" was her only reply.

A little while later she passed behind me and rubbed my back.

When I couldn't put up with the rap any longer I finally decided to leave. Yes, I dislike rap and hip hop so much that I will skip out on half naked women to avoid it.

So I tell her that I am leaving. She gave me a hug and I asked if the music was always like this, "'cause it's kinda killing me." She let out an exasperated sigh and said that she knew. She listens to everything, but that she gets fed up with the rap too. She invited me back on Tuesday for karaoke saying that there is a better mix of everything then.

"Will you be here?" I asked.

"Yes" with that beautiful smile.

Guess I am going back to give Hustler's a third chance on Tuesday. The things that I will do for a pretty blonde in her underwear.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Conversations with a Rook

So tonight I had an interesting conversation with Katie, my queenside rook, while I was at the Royal Key. She is about 2 and a half hours north of me, so it was via text.

Me: Ironically last night after you told me not to hit on 18 year olds, the band started playing "Your Love" then when I hit the bar I walked in on that same song. As in "you know I like my girls a little bit older, I don't want to lose yout love tnight" a song about spending the night with a girl who is too young ;)

Katie: lol, that's funny

Me: My life is blessed with such ironies.

They just played that bloody song again!

Katie: It's your theme song I suppose

Me: Sure. Could be. but me and a younger woman? Never

Katie: Your sense of humor always makes me giggle

Me: Lol, oh come now! The last gir I was hitting on was 18!

Oh wait, how old am I again?

Katie: Not 18.

My life is just hillarious. These ironies do tend to follow me around and I swear that my life reads like a novel. This was comical because I do tend to date younger women, in fact the only woman I had ever dated, before I was married, that was older than me became my wife. And that worked out so well that I tend to avoid older women. although in the past couple years I have gone out with women much older than myself.

And while I was hitting on a woman that was 18 recently (the photographer) the last woman that I was deeply interested in was the youngest I have ever dated, twenty-one. Still plenty young for me, at thirty.

And the song is about him cheating on "Josie" with a young woman. It may very well be my theme song.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In popular usage, the term "pawn" refers to someone or something that is manipulated or used. A "pawn" is expendable and of little value than to accomplished some limited goal, to push the game forward.

But a chess player will understand that a pawn is really so much more than that. It was Philidor that said "Pawns are the soul of chess." Prior to him chess players thought only to push the pawns forward and eliminate them quickly to allow other peices room to develop.

Philidor believed that pawns, played well, could be just as powerful as the major pieces in chess. Philidor, in his day, became the top chess master in the world. He famously played three chess games blindfolded, simultaneously. In the third match his oppenent even had a handicap. He won all three matches.

"Pawns are the soul of chess."

On my board, pawns are of incredible worth. I couldn't make it without them.

The knight is still white

Apparently I still play the white knight.

I went to a new bar tonight, Back Streets. I wanted to hear the jam session going on there tonight, one of the guys playing is the father of a student of mine. Yes, it blows me away too that the father of one of my students is in a local band and I enjoy seeing him play.

It's not often I can be out till 2AM at a bar with the parents of a student. I am totally enjoying this.

But just to make things clear, what happened tonight was in no way influenced by my need to behave around these parents. I still end up playing the white knight.

It was nothing particularly significant, just another example of my playing the role.

I was sitting at the bar with my back to the bar enjoying the live music. In walks a pretty blonde woman and she takes the bar stool immediately to my right.

I noticed that this new woman seemed out of sorts. She appeared upset, and was pounding away on her cell phone. She got the attention of some guy nearby who was leering over at her. He kept looking like he was going to come over and start hitting on her.

Finally, I reached over and put my hand on her arm. I was surprised that she acted like this was totally normal. But that was perfect, I wanted the guy to think that she came and sat next to me because we were together.

I leaned in close to her and asked her if she was ok. She smiled weakly and told me she was fine. She did have a very pretty smile. She looked like she was going to cry though.

The guy chose then to come over. He dropped two dollars in front of her and said something about how he was happy she was smoking (wth?). At that point the girl turned all her attention on me. She said "Now I feel like acheap whore." The guy couldn't hear any of this, he had walked away.

The girl was slurring her words and seemed quite drunk. I placed my hand on top of her's and rubbed the top of her hand gently. I reassured her that she shouldn't feel like a whore because he did something crazy like that. I mean, he was hovering and paying way too much attention to her and all.

A few moments later I hear her say "F-ck you" and look over, she was speaking at her phone, at a text message. I leaned over again and asked her again if she was alright. The guy came back in and walked behind her, so I placed a hand on her arm. He got the hint.

She got up to go, and I thought to stop her. She was way gone. I wanted to call a cab for her, at least make sure she had a wa to get home safely. Instead I watched as she left.

My whole way home the white knight part of me was kicking me. I should have made sure she would be ok. But I can't be everyone's hero all the time, the black king part of me said.

But the voice of the white knight is strong in me still. I am concerned that a woman I don't know-- heck, I don't even know her name-- and was very drunk is safely home. I can't always be everyone's hero, but I could have been her hero tonight. And who knows, maybe in the little I did I was.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back again, black again

Over the past couple of days I have been finding myself wandering back to the Royal Key Bar. I guess I just wasn't ready to give it up as Black Territory.

Two days ago I set out for Rack'Em for the Friday Night Rocks show and never made it. I went to the Key with the intent of heading over to Rack'Em "in a little bit" and ended up staying the entire night.

Let's face it, I know myself well enough to know that I have a weakness for a beautiful woman, and the bartender was captivating as always. But it wasn't just that, I just like the place.

So the next day, yesterday, I set out for Rack'Em again, for their "Craqzy Night of Punk." I arrived early, so I headed to the Key again. Had a drink, chatted for a bit, then headed over to Rack'Em. What I caught of the show was great, the band Ghost Dog Ela was excellent. After two of the three scheduled bands I went back to the Key though.

Saw people I knew, chatted with the bartenders, and enjoyed the band playing there, Uncle Fester.

It seems that the Key is back to black. Nice to regain my territory. I am planning on hitting a new bar tomorrow, maybe this will be better than when I tried to hit Hustler's. I am always up for gaining ground.